"'The War Within' gives insights into the internal battle that rages within every person and how everything changes when we are subject to the Word. A real tearjerker.”  Ray Comfort, Living Waters Ministries / The Way of the Master

"The screenplay by Brett and Gary Varvel is a work of genius. I can safely say that I’ve never seen a movie quite like this. Everyone who had a hand in making this film should be congratulated for helping craft one of the best Christian films ever produced!"  Christian St. John - Christian Review

"Making the unseen visible is a difficult task, but “The War Within” takes on this task. Through excellent story telling, well-written lines and excellent production the dramatic story of one man’s internal struggle following tragedy and the resulting effects in his life are put on full display. What a great movie to help us address the battle that rages within us for our hearts and minds and to bring individuals face to face with the Gospel and its fruit in one’s life.

While the content may be too intense for young children, teens and adults will benefit from considering how their internal battle is playing out in every aspect of their lives. I have encouraged our church leadership to consider how we can best utilize this excellent resource to strengthen the church and reach the lost."  Pastor Stephen Schultze, Harbour Shores Church

"The War Within is a powerful and creative portrayal of the intrapersonal struggle each of us encounters on a daily basis as we seek to serve God and to do what is right.  The personification of Mind, Memory, Emotion, Will, Conscience, and Heart provides an ingenious narrative for better understanding how these elements exist within us and function in harmony only as we are fully committed to God.  After watching it, I was convinced that our students at Bob Jones University needed to see it, too, because of its strong theological message.  I would enthusiastically encourage other universities to do the same."  Darren P. Lawson - School of Fine Arts and Communication Bob Jones University

"Great script writing. Your story was so engaging from the get go and it kept us riveted to find out how this story was going to unfold. You should be commended for an extremely well written 'Christ-Focused' script not an easy task." Jim Olson - Christian Worldview Film Festival Judge

"The War Within is a wonderful reminder that even when the spirit is willing the flesh is weak, and we simply still and always will need Jesus."  David Leo Schultz, Producer/Director - Ragamuffin

"I am blown away by the production quality of The War Within. It looks like a big-budget movie with special effects, animation and a beautiful orchestral movie score.  This movie opens a window to our soul and reveals a battle that everyone fights but few understand. It uniquely illustrates the conflict described in Romans 7. But in the midst of that conflict, it reveals that Jesus Christ is the Reason for Hope."  Carl Kerby, President/Founder of Reasons for Hope, Inc.

"The War Within engagingly portrays the internal spiritual struggle that all of us face in our choices to believe and obey God’s Word. The gospel embraced in faith comes through loud and clear as the only transformational solution that offers hope for life and eternity. This movie will challenge believers to strengthen their walk with Christ and non-believers to place their faith in Christ for salvation." John Greening - National Representative GARBC

"This film was a clear winner for strong Biblical worldview, great production values, and a clear presentation of the gospel which was carefully woven into the story." Phillip Telfer - Media Talk 101 / Director of Christian Worldview Film Festival

"I don't rave about many movies. However: This is (perhaps) the most imaginative portrayal of the war being waged within our soul since C.S. Lewis wrote the Screwtape Letters and will be remembered as one of the best Christian Films of this decade."  Nathan Ashton, Audio Post Supervisor and Foley Artist at Imaginative Art

"This movie is not only very entertaining but it has the power to transform lives as the film clearly explains the gospel. It is refreshing to see a Christian movie whose producers and cast unashamedly share the life-changing message of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."  Pastor Carl Prokop, Albany Baptist Church

"It’s rare when a film draws you in with a relevant, real-life story which touches deep emotion, and in addition lays out the Gospel message with clarity and hope. The War Within does both powerfully and creatively.” Jeffrey Gill, Vice President/Dean, Grace Theological Seminary